Did you know that cocoa is an inexhaustible source of antioxidants?

By Vannesa Hidalgo - Bootcamp by PFG

Imagine a superfood that provides you with an innumerable amount of minerals and antioxidants and that, as if that were not enough, is rich and variable in preparation. That is cocoa .

Cocoa. Credits: zamboanga.com.

Cocoa is a seed and should not be confused with "Cocoa". Although they are similar in appearance, color and even taste, they are two very different foods. And that difference is that the first is raw and the second cooked.

When raw food is cooked above 40 degrees, its enzymes and nutrients vary. That happens with cocoa once it is processed.Although it maintains many of its nutritional values, food specialists suggest that it is best to consume it in the most natural way possible, that is, raw .

Cocoa contains more antioxidants per gram than blueberries, prunes and green tea and among its properties and benefits are that, for example, they stimulate the central nervous system and the digestive system, also the cardiovascular system due to its high content of polyphenols . Among other benefits is that for each bite endorphins are released, known as "the hormone of happiness" and that its consumption also acts in cases of constipation.

Cocoa seed. Credits: foodness.Item

The most ideal is to consume cocoa in powder form, which can be added to juices, smoothies or simply hot water. If you find its taste too bitter, you can sweeten it with agave, coconut syrup, coconut sugar, cane sugar, muscovado sugar, or dates. Like most energizers, cocoa is best consumed in the morning, rather than before bed.

But as we always suggest in our posts, even superfoods should be consumed in moderation. We cannot replace a fruit with cocoa , for example, because each of these foods has its value, contribution and importance in your body.

Cocoa powder. Credits: shopify.com

The essence of cocoa is also used in dermal therapies, such as "Chocotherapy" for anti-cellulite, antioxidant and even skin softening activities. Even more interesting is knowing that cocoa is ideal for people who want to keep the line due to its reducing capacity. Of course, this end will only be achieved if its consumption is properly the raw product.

One little-known property of cocoa is its natural source of arginine, an amino acid that acts in a similar way to Viagra pills in the way that it increases blood flow to the penis and amplifies sexual desire. For this reason, historians link cocoa to the Mexican emperor Moctezuma and his harem of lovers.