Health is not just physical!

For a person to be healthy there must be a perfect balance beyond their body

By Vannesa Hidalgo - Bootcamp by PFG

Training with PFG in José Ignacio (Uruguay). Photo by Erika White.

The World Health Organization (WHO) defines the term "health" as a complete state of physical, mental and social well-being; three differentiated elements that we must know in order to take better care of them.

Physical health is linked to the functioning and general state of a living organism at a given time.The solidity of the body, the absence of diseases or anomalies, and the adequate and optimal performance of the organism are indicators of a "good physical health".

On the other hand, mental health has less noticeable signs at first glance and is related to psychological well-being. In its optimal condition, an individual can use their cognitive abilities to function in society and meet the demands of daily life.

Social health has to do with a person's environment and the ability of this to interact effectively with those around them to adapt.

A truly healthy being has a physical, mental and social balance according to his lifestyle, environment and human biology.

The lifestyle corresponds to the behaviors, physical activities and eating habits of each subject. The environment , the environment where he develops his usual life. Human biology , which refers to the genetic characteristics of each person, the latter being the only one that he cannot control.

Patricia Fitnessgurú eating at Ol'Days (Puerto Madero, Buenos Aires). Photo by Erika White.

To be a fully healthy individual you have to work on it. It is not just about diets and exercises, it is also necessary to adapt to a series of good habits and mental practices to lead a healthier lifestyle.

Although a person does not have how to modify all the factors that determine their health, they can redirect their actions to optimize those to which they do have access such as diet and physical activity.

The WHO recognizes that toxic habits are increasingly common in people's lives . The consumption of alcohol, tobacco, pharmaceutical treatment and processed food are the most common activities that threaten physical health; while stress, tension and depression worsen mental and social health every day.

Since the 19th century, ancient oriental medicine predicted the existence of other types of health, such as emotional, spiritual and sexual health, which today are considered in the theoretical contents of health care.

Emotional health refers to the harmony that must exist in a person between what he thinks, what he feels and what he does. This harmony will make you establish positive relationships in your environment and that in times of pressure you do not let yourself be carried away by your emotions.

Yoga stretching in José Ignacio (Uruguay) with PFG. Photo by Erika White.

Spiritual health is closely linked to emotional health and in fact, there are practices or activities such as yoga or meditation, which work on the balance between the two. It is possible that in the face of a failure in physical health, you lose spiritual and emotional health, therefore, it is very important to maintain a healthy spiritual life that helps to counteract these physical difficulties.

Eating habits and exercises for the body, mind and spirit will be part of the content that will be published daily on this blog to achieve balance and transform ourselves into healthy beings . Join us in this process!