PFG trains your physical self and your spiritual self

By Natalia Quiroga Sáez

"More than a personal trainer, I am a life coach, " says Patricia Mulet-Riesco, better known as Patricia FitnessGuru (PFG). Her toned body, serene gaze and smiling face convey an instant sense of well-being and health . Symbols of a daring life and contact with nature coexist on his tattooed skin. Two boxing gloves on his neck and a buddha on his left shoulder who is looking out at the world, at human nature. With his brown hair and brown eyes, PFG shows confidence and a clear objective:

"I seek to improve all aspects of a person's life.Not just his physical appearance, but his personal and professional life. His energy and his attitude towards things. "
Patricia FitnessGuru

Patricia has trained more than 20 thousand people in different cities around the world. From Sydney, Brighton, Miami, Barcelona, Buenos Aires and Punta del Este, PFG has more than a decade of experience in nutrition, physical training and personal development on three continents.

Patricia studied physical therapy for four years in Australia and specialized in physical exercise, sports rehabilitation, nutrition for children and for diabetics and celiacs. He has vast experience in higher muscular impact sports such as boxing, as well as stretching and relaxation exercises such as yoga and meditation.

At the age of 18, PFG began working at Gold's Gym in Australia , a global chain of gyms with more than three million users in more than 35 countries. There, he trained professional athletes and even taught salsa, a dance that he is passionate about.

"At one point in my life, I realized that sport, wellness and taking care of people was my thing.

In addition to the personal training that it generates for a person and their family, PFG does women's Bootcamps and a training program for little fighters , with boys between 8 and 18 years old. "I have always been very passionate about children," she adds.

Patricia FitnessGuru and her little fighters

Patricia's goal is the development of the spiritual being and independence of her students."I am giving them all the tools they need and then I am leaving them", explains PFG. Although he becomes a fundamental piece as a life coach , "I always tell my students: 'I travel a lot and I will not be in your life forever. '

His priority and life mission is to visit various cities around the world to continue producing positive impacts on larger groups of people . Although he has changed coordinates several times, he is still in contact with many of his students that he trained years ago.

About why she is in Buenos Aires, Patricia says:

"Many changes are needed in Argentina.Argentines work more on their physical being, their ego; which generates a lack of connection with his spiritual being, with his soul ".

PFG says that in other countries of the world where there is a good economy and peace, people have opportunities to find other things. While in the albiceleste country, in his opinion, many people still live in struggle. "That is why I am willing to make a spiritual change in Argentina," she says.

Boxing training with Patricia FitnessGuru