Good morning Patricia, I want to give you the thanks for all the videos and tips that you always post. I wear almost three Medea making your videos spinning, you really are one genius. It shows that you have a lot experience because sometimes it seems that 10 you were seeing one xD, your explanations and advice during the exercise are very good. A excellent guide. You also have a excellent vibe, it really encourages a lot of exercise with your videos, I confess that it is the first time I keep an exercise streak so long in my life, a thousand thanks from new!

The other day I saw your video about the talk of nutrition. I really like it an advisor (to personalised both exercises such as eating, I like (to take that step since I have been constant with my routine, I want to have more resistance, lose weight, without however I am not vegan nor vegetarian, do you think you could advise me the same? Similarly I would like to include more vegetables and fruits to my diet.

Anna Giachello

There is love that first sight yes?? I sure saw the best, in her stationary bike, and by chance! Not me 10 I was surely expecting the life that gave me many signals and I did not get them, this it was obvious ... and I started! I say to you I was exhausted, you had no plans activate my body and less my mind but if you know (what 10 needed... and there yes!!!! the first time I got on the bike fixed... hahaha I loved (to go down and you yelled don't stay... and I continued!
I also believe that there is a love I hate hahaha many times I wanted to leave ... but you told me no leave ... and if you continued and when you say you have to listen to the body I said this girl is badge (crazy).. hahaha to mf 10 the only one who asks me it's bed and remote control.... but he talks to me he lifts me up like a watch to have a richer and healthier breakfast prepare for the routine daily... he also tells me bad things quadriceps and glutes they say enough but It also gives me pleasure to hear you in countdown xq means 10 I am achieving...

Thanks for every video, advice, clarification, suggestion I am Anabel I live in Argentina at the moment in Mendoza... I am married I have 2 beautiful children (who play make m 'routine) and now a teacher that I love I am learning daily I try a lot and although it costs me I swear I won't give up.... thank you I can say that my time of day are the last 15 min of elongation after m ' fundamental routine .. beginner but what is arranged at the intermediate level to not be afraid of the professional