Know the benefits of boxing

Strengthen your heart, tone your muscles and relax you with each stroke

Bootcamp class with Patricia Fitnessgurú. Photo by Erika White.

Boxing is more than just punching your fists. It strengthens you on the outside and inside, while allowing you to relax the tensions of day to day. It is an essential sport in the Bootcamp by PFG of our life coach Patricia Fitnessgurú, who combines this aerobic exercise with other anaerobic to achieve a comprehensive workout session.

Aerobic exercise would be boxing: low to medium intensity, it can be done over long periods of time. Anaerobic exercises, meanwhile, are of high intensity in short duration. These are the drills , squats, burpees , crunches and other combinations with which PFG seeks to help your body reach its highest potential.

Patricia Fitnessgurú. Photo by Erika White.

Benefits of boxing

  1. By boxing, you strengthen your heart and improve your circulatory and respiratory systems as your muscles demand more oxygen with each hit.
  2. The "combat mode" puts your body in a state of alert and improves your reflexes: you reduce your response time.
  3. By hitting each contact you become more agile, faster and with better motor coordination.
  4. Boxing is a sport of physical confrontation in a controlled environment where you can relax the tensions of the day . Blow by blow, you will release your stress.
  5. With the force that you generate in each impact, you tone your muscles.
  6. By counting and completing the series, you work on your discipline in this sport and other aspects of your life.
  7. As in all exercise, you will release endorphins and you feel better.

" Boxing is a sport that makes you more sure of yourself . It not only strengthens your body but also your character. You gain security and strength when you practice it. That is why it is the essential part of my training in Bootcamp", says Patricia Fitnessgurú.

If you want to know more about a boxing training with Paty, you can see the following video from her YouTube channel:

Article written by Natalia Quiroga Sáez and supervised by Patricia Fitnessgurú.