Meat, chicken and their evils

By Vannesa Hidalgo- Bootcamp By PFG


In Argentine culture, meat consumption is a daily habit and although much is said about the consequences that its intake brings to the body, it is still common in our diets. Whether it is red or white meat, it is important to know what collateral damage they can cause and if it is true that they are linked to diseases, many of them fatal.

Meats should be divided into two groups: red and white. The first from mammals, for example cattle. The second, from poultry such as chicken, turkey, rabbit and lean parts of the pig.

Medical studies have confirmed that red meat is directly related to cardiovascular problems, since "carnitine" stimulates the production of a biochemical compound in the body that promotes cholesterol and causes the bloodstream to be clogged, causing heart disease and other similar diseases.

Diabetes is a direct consequence of this as the saturated fat that meat brings with it uncontrolled cholesterol levels in the body.


Another condition that generates the indiscriminate consumption of meat - and that few know about - has to do with memory. And it is that it is the cooking of meat at high temperatures that accumulates a protein called Beta amyloidm that is housed in the brain and causes deterioration of some brain functions.

For its part, white meat is much more digestible than red meat, although its consumption should also be monitored. This type of food has a low level of saturated fat and stands out for its contribution of zinc and vitamins of group B (B1, B3 and B12).

Vitamin B12 is especially important since its natural form is only found in foods of animal origin.

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The negative about white meats is that, as with red meats, they are often exposed to chemical treatments that involve the indiscriminate use of antibiotics and preservatives that stay in the product, even after cooking, so they are obviously consumed by the human who ingests them.

The meats, in addition to receiving that "chemical cocktail" also receive "cosmetic" ingredients so that they look fresher and more attractive when it comes to being bought and these chemicals are most of the time poisonous .

All the nutrients that can be present in meats are also in fruits, vegetables, cereals and grains . The only thing that must be done is an appropriate combination of these to maximize their potency and thus reduce meat consumption. Your body will thank you.

Bootcamp by PFG article prepared by Vannesa Hidalgo, edited by Natalia Quiroga Sáez and supervised by Patricia Fitnessgurú.