Miraculous turmeric

By Vannesa Hidalgo- Bootcamp By PFG

Turmeric is a spice from Southeast Asia where its silver (Curcuma Longa) has been cultivated for thousands of years. It is also known as Oro de Indio, Saffron Stick or Turmenic (in English). In botany, turmeric is considered a medicinal plant and in gastronomy an aromatic spice.

Turmeric root and turmeric powder

Turmeric has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and liver-protective medicinal properties. It is also indicated for depressive problems and for cancer.

How to consume it?

It is better if you consume it on an empty stomach in a juice: a teaspoon of turmeric powder with red grapefruit and lemon juice , with organic ingredients, preferably. This natural elixir will help boost your health in many ways.

You can also consume it in a hot tea , as this video explains:

Being a derivative of saffron, turmeric has a yellowish tone and its flavor is neutral with some spiciness.You can consume it for different health conditions:

  1. Gastric protector : Combats digestive disorders as it stimulates secretions and is recommended for gastritis, slow digestion and lack of appetite. The active principles of turmeric help to produce gastric and pancreatic juices, which balances the PH of the body. It also helps to eliminate gas from the intestine and prevents intestinal colic.
  2. Anti- cancer: Turmeric contains 10 anti-cancer compounds that is useful in cases of breast, duodenal, skin and colon cancer. Also, the turmeric concoction helps to overcome the side effects of chemotherapy.
  3. Rheumatic diseases : Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, it is recommended for cases of rheumatism, arthritis and carpal tunnel. Also for skin problems such as fungi and psoriasis.
  4. Depressive pictures: For thousands of years the spice of turmeric was used by Chinese medicine for depressive pictures, psychological and affective disorders. It has stimulating components for the nervous system, which improves moods.
  5. It is good for the heart and helps lower cholesterol levels.
  6. It is also used for respiratory problems such as bronchitis.
  7. It frees the body from free radicals : Molecules responsible for aging and that are products of external agents such as environmental pollution, cigarettes and poor diet.