Raw Food: Living food that gives life

By Vannesa Hidalgo - Bootcamp By PFG

The Raw Food is raw food (it is also known as "live feed") that keeps its biochemical compounds and enzymes lost in cooking.

Raw Food is a "detox" alternative that can be used when desired, but if it is taken as a dietary habit it would be much better. It could be considered as a simple "detoxification plan" when you have fallen into some excesses , for example after Christmas.

An example of a Raw dish. Photo credits: 3hack.net
Raw Food is green foods, fruits, vegetables, grains, seeds, aromatic herbs and algae with a source of energy far superior to diets with a "balanced diet", says Patricia Fitnessgurú.

Preferably organic products are indicated for this type of alternative diet. If you take this practice you should progressively eliminate animal products (especially dairy), flour, sugar, caffeine and alcohol from your diet.

In gastronomy it is known as "raw food" and it is similar to vegetarian cuisine since the foods that are not processed or cooked.They keep their vitamins, minerals and antioxidants intact and this allows to reverse the aging processes in the body.

However, specialists in "Raw" food, known as "raw chef" assure that in some recipes cooking is allowed as long as it does not exceed 45 degrees centigrade.

Pablo Massey, an Argentine chef who makes raw food. Credits: greatchefs.com

The menu in "Raw" food also includes broths, purees, cakes, grains, smoothies and even desserts.Some legumes and cereals would require to be sprouted (or soaked) hours before being consumed. If you are not or do not want to be a vegetarian there are options to include:

  • Eggs , presented as caviar or bortaga.
  • Fish , in sashimi or ceviche.
  • Meat , such as carpaccio or filet tartar.
  • Dairy products that are not pasteurized or homogenized, such as fresh cheese and yogurt.

Benefits of Raw Food

Satiety, increased energy and mental alertness, and cellular reconstruction.Other benefits is that it generates an effective and healthy purification of the body, strengthens the immune system and helps prevent - and in many to eradicate - diseases related to cholesterol, diabetes and digestive problems.

Vegetable Pie with Peanut Butter ( www.ge9.dk .com)

It is very important that some aspects of hygiene and food preservation are taken into account in this food practice. As for vegetables and fruits that must be peeled from their peels, they should first be washed with plenty of water.And if the food is of organic origin, it must be washed with water and bleach.

The reason is that in general the organic compost is usually animal excrement and therefore if these fertilizers are not treated properly they are breeding grounds for bacteria that install in the food. Other mixtures for washing raw foods are: drinking water and baking soda (one tablespoon for each liter of water) or also water with alcohol vinegar.

Regarding raw food from an animal, you must be very careful with the recipe and the preparation, since most animals carry parasites that are only eliminated when they are sufficiently cooked. Cow's milk is excluded from this diet because it has been proven that its unpasteurized consumption is harmful to health.As a replacement, almond or coconut milk is recommended.

A rich chocolate cake prepared with raw products (Myveggieplace / Youtube.com)

This trend of raw food promotes the elimination of the use of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides that threaten not only the animal and human organism but also the ecosystem, as well as the innumerable ecological problems that industrial waste represents and the little education about recycling. than in our countries, especially in South American countries.

Bootcamp by PFG article prepared by Vannesa Hidalgo, edited by Natalia Quiroga Sáez and supervised by Patricia Fitnessgurú.