Seminar "Health and well-being"

Patrica Fitnessgurú's talk about integral nutrition, eating plan and daily fitness

The "Health and Wellness" talk began with a presentation by Patricia Mulet-Riesco, known on the networks as @patriciafitnessguru, who studied physical therapy and specialized nutrition in Australia.

Patricia has trained over 20,000 people in five countries, in addition to her home country: England, Spain, the United States, Uruguay and Argentina.

He has not only worked in gyms but also in hospitals, thanks to his experience in sports rehabilitation.

In the talk on Sunday October 29, Patricia spoke about "whole nutrition . " Refreshed the concepts of what are proteins, fats and carbohydrates and the importance of each for our body.

" We must prefer good fats, such as those present in olive oil and avocado, and avoid saturated ones. In turn, with respect to carbohydrates, prefer whole wheat flours or rice flours, quinoa, almonds ... "said Patricia.

Regarding proteins, he stressed the importance of looking for those of plant origin, which are processed more easily by the body and produce fewer side effects than animal proteins.

"We must drink more than two liters of alkaline water a day," added the personal trainer. This type of water has a pH of at least 7.0. "We need our body with a pH of 7.3. By alkalizing the body we are less likely to get sick, " he said.

How can you make your own alkaline water?com / @ patriciafitnessguru / your-water-as-your-food-should-be-alive-8dc7b4343aa9 "target =" _ blank "> In this article we offer you different methods.

In turn, Patricia spoke about her "elixir by PFG" : a grapefruit, lemon and turmeric juice that you should take every morning to alkalize your body before any meal. In addition, it is anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer.

Acidic food vs. alkaline food