The "rose gold": the salt of the Himalayas

A healthier option for your body than refined salt

Himalayan pink salt contains 84 minerals vital to the human body such as magnesium, calcium, potassium and iron; which, due to their dissolved form, are easily absorbed by our body. Unlike refined salt, it contains less sodium.

" In a liter of water, you can add a teaspoon of Himalayan salt to alkalize it, increasing its pH", is one of Patricia Fitnessgurú's dietary recommendations. In turn, this salt helps detoxify your body, acts as a vehicle for the disposal of toxins from healthy cells.

This "rose gold" is the perfect substitute as a food condiment for refined salt that can be very harmful: more than another mineral, it is sodium chloride, which produces an imbalance in our body when we consume it very often.

Himalayan salt does not cause obesity or kidney problems like refined salt, which, in our body, does not allow a permeable passage through cell membranes.

People suffering from high blood pressure, frequent headaches and thyroid disorders should prefer the use of Himalayan salt to refined one. Pink salt stimulates blood circulation and lowers blood pressure.

Himalayan salt is one of the most energy-rich that exists due to its high nutritional value. It can be consumed as well as enjoying its properties by applying it externally to the skin in salt baths.

It is curative , in alternative medicine it is used as a product for skin problems, muscle aches and breathing difficulties. It helps balance the alkaline and acid levels of the body. Being rapidly absorbed, it allows for rapid muscle restoration .

Although it is not a product that you can find in common supermarkets, like many other healthy products you can find pink Himalayan salt in organic stores. Your body will thank you.

Article written by Natalia Quiroga Sáez and supervised by Patricia Fitnessgurú.