Where to eat healthy in Buenos Aires?

By Natalia Quiroga Sáez - Bootcamp by PFG

Patricia Fitnessgurú gives you all the options for you to eat healthy. Share vegan recipes on your Instagram, prepare a meal that you can order at [email protected] and always show delicious dishes from different restaurants in Buenos Aires. Do you want to know what they are? Here are five options for you to eat healthy too in the city of fury:

1. Ol'Days

Patricia Fitnessgurú's favorite place to have breakfast and drink juices from thecom / "rel =" noopener "target =" _ blank "> MUN Market. The address? Olga Cossettini 1182 in Puerto Madero. In addition to the juices, you can order the Strong by PFG smoothie (recipe from our favorite personal trainer), a coffee with almond milk or some quinoa burgers with greens.

2. Le Pain Quotidien

Do you remembercom / @ patriciafitnessguru / superfood-la-chia-a-seed-that-is-more-than-miraculous-87bdd9aacb45 "target =" _ blank "> our chia article? Well, Paty always asks for a chia pudding at Le Pain Quotidien , especially the one in Recoleta Mall. Oh and let's not forget the variety of hummus they also offer.

Chia pudding from Le Pain Quotidien. Credits: foodspotting

3. Ohsawa

If you want a special dinner by candlelight, this is the place:ar / "rel =" noopener "target =" _ blank "> Ohsawa, a macrobiotic restaurant with vegetarian and vegan options in Honduras 5900. One of Patricia Fitnessgurú's favorite places for special occasions.

4. Ninina

Ninina is not like any bakery and PFG knows it. Every time he shares a photo of a candy, granola, or salad from there it makes you think, "I want to too!" Where? In Gorriti 4738.

5.Vegan Pizza

If you don't want to leave the apartment and have a meeting with friends, you can do like Patricia Fitnessgurú and call Pizza Vegana . You and your friends will be satisfied and will love the special recipes for this healthy option:

Article written and edited by Natalia Quiroga Sáez and supervised by Patricia Fitnessgurú.